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I'm back

2010-01-11 15:56:09 by ddrballer123

I made alot of new beats lately but I uploade dthem to but now i am going to upload some beats from my new beat streets album beat streets 7 and maby some from 6 and 5. also i am working on an album with my group ghostsquad. i am producing most of the album and it gonna have solo songs from ap,bigT,me and a new member Ruffin. Go check out the first track from the album by my boy Ruffin.

I'm Back In the Building

2009-06-22 11:28:28 by ddrballer123

I'm back with some bangers. I took some time off to focus on getting my beats to sound better and to learn new techniques on makking some ill beats. ALSO NOW I GO BY THE NAME BDOCK. SO DJGHOST IS NOW BDOCK

I'm Back

2009-03-16 16:14:40 by ddrballer123

DDRBaller123 is now known as DJGhost. Have a good day.


My new site COMMING SOON

I am uploading new stuff that i have made and uploading old stuff that i have made